Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport • 11001 Baker Street • Amarillo, Texas 79111 • Office (806)335-9763 • Fax (806)335-9221

Coyote Flight Centers

HangarCoyote is more than just your average flight school. Our pilots have made their living performing all types of flying and flight training. Unlike other schools, we have purposefully maintained a smaller, family oriented state so that our students recieve the individual touch that is neccessary to build quality pilots.

While our major focus is flight training, we also provide a number of other aviation services such as aerial photography, surveys, pipeline patrols, and tours. If it can be done in an aircraft we can probably do it. Over the years, we have built a nationwide reputation for providing convenient, quality general aviation service to all of our customers.

Headquartered at the Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo, Texas, our offices are part of a spacious hangar containing a lobby area, two briefing rooms, a large classroom, and an FAA certified testing center.

Come by and visit or feel free to give us a call.  Regardless of your background, we welcome anyone who is interested in aviation.

Our Office

Coyote Flight Centers, LLC
11001 Baker St.
Amarillo, TX 79111

Office (806)335-9763
Fax (806)335-9221

Monday-Friday 9a-5p
Saturday 9a-3p
Closed Sunday
After hours by appointment only

Airport Information

Name: Rick Husband-Amarillo International
Identifier: KAMA
Lat/Long: 3513'N / 10142'W
Runways: 04/22 - 13502 x 200 ft.
  13/31 - 7901 x 150 ft.
ASOS: (806)335-1060
ATIS: 118.85
Ground: 121.9
Tower: 118.3 (0600Z-0000Z)
App/Dep: 119.5

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