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Commercial Drone Training

The field of drone operations is new and exciting. With our constantly evolving technology, drones can be used for an ever increasing array of tasks. As more and more companies continue to integrate drones into their day-to-day operations, the job market for commercially rated pilots will continue to expand.

DroneSome of the job types available:

  1. Movie making and photography
  2. Wildlife surveys
  3. Law enforcement surveillance
  4. Surveying dangerous areas
  5. Package delivery

Types of drones:

  1. Airplane
  2. Helirotor (single rotor)
  3. Dualrotor (two sets of blades)
  4. Trirotor (three sets of blades)
  5. Quadrotor (four sets of blades)

Commercial UAV Certificate
What we call ‘drones’ today are actually Unmanned Aerial Vehicles flown remotely by a person at a ground station. This person is called the remote Pilot-in-Command. He or she is solely and ultimately responsible for the outcome of the flight. Because commercial UAV operaters are flying for compensation or hire, they are required to obtain both training and a license. Unlike hobbyists, these professional UAV operators are allowed to fly their aircraft deep within the same national airspace system that is used by manned aircraft. With the widely varying nature of the many aircraft operating there, this system is understandably complex and difficult to understand. Learning from an experienced flight instructor is the only way to ensure that the newly minted pilot is able to safely navigate this system and avoid its pitfalls.

Hobbyists are people who operate model aircraft or rockets for their own personal enjoyment. The FAA still exempts them from requiring a license, however they are severely restricted. They may not fly higher than 400 feet above the ground nor are they allowed within 5 miles of any airport. While a license is not required, Coyote offers a basic hobbyist course which familiarizes private individuals with the infrastructure of the airspace system beneath which they are operating.

Courses and Training
At Coyote we offer both training and testing, on-site. An FAA certificated flight instructor trains UAV applicants in each subject needed to pass the UAV general knowledge test. During the training the instructor will teach by sharing from their deep wealth of personal experience, while the students are free to ask questions whenever they need clarification on any point.

Commercial UAV Coursework - $349
Hobbyist coursework - $199
Test - $150

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